Digital Marketing Consultant Business Plan Template Pack

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The Tools You Need to Build an Amazing Business Plan

Do you want to start a digital marketing consulting business?

Then this offer is for you!

This starter pack contains all you need to build an amazing business plan.

The pitch deck (pptx doc) helps you to convince partners and customers and to raise capital.

The financial model (xlsx doc) provides the framework to build a reliable budget.

Why You Need a Convincing Business Plan

If you start your digital marketing consulting business, you need a solid business plan - even if you are a solopreneur. Why? Because starting a business can be overwhelming and distracting.

The very first person you need to convince again and again is YOU! You can come back to your plan anytime to remember your strategy and to restore your motivation.

This is key to staying on track!

Starting from Scratch is Hard

Building a business plan from scratch can be a hard task. It took me more than a month to prepare, design, create, and check the templates in this starter pack, which you can use now to create an amazing plan in no time.

Building a Business Plan with this Starter Pack is Easy

You get all you need to build an amazing business plan. A financial excel model, where you simply enter your assumptions into the yellow marked cells, and a fill-in-the-blanks pitch deck template.

Build a Financial Plan with the Power of Your Intuition

My financial excel plan is unique because you get assumptions and results on one page. Because of this simple design, you always see the impact of your inputs, which enables intuitive modeling. You don´t have to be a financial expert to create a resilient financial plan. Even beginners can build a solid financial plan with this tool.

You Get a Complete Financial Model

My financial model is easy-to-use and provides tons of details to plan your business. Enter your assumptions into the yellow cells and my high-end excel template does the rest.

It works best with MS Excel, but you can also use it with Google Sheets (some charts won´t be displayed and Google Sheets doesn´t provide sheet protection).

You Can Easily Build a Convincing Pitch Deck

To get your pitch deck, just fill in the blanks. My pitch deck template is built by a formula, that shows the reader step-by-step why your idea is amazing. You can use this template with MS PowerPoint or with Google Slides.

Customer Testimonials

My customers love my financial models and pitch decks. You can check out the reviews on my Fiverr account, where I offer tailor-made pitch decks and financial plans:

This is, what my customers say:

  • "This is my 2nd order and I will always come back to you. highly recommended", Maitham from Bahrain
  • "Peter delivered amazing results!", Michael Krammel from Austria
  • "Peter’s expertise, knowledge, and cooperation are outstanding. He also went above and beyond my specs, providing additional value beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Peter.", Peter, M6 Adventures, USA

Huge Price Advantage

The structure of the templates in this starter pack and my tailor-made financial models and pitch decks on Fiverr are basically the same. The difference, of course, is the customization, which takes time and effort.

For a tailor-made business plan (financial model + pitch deck) I charge about $700 on Fiverr.

However, this starter pack comes at a tremendously lower price, as you can get it for only $118.

You get all the tools and save a ton of money.

Benefits and Features

  • Fill-in-the-blanks pitch deck template
  • Pitch deck designed with a proven formula to convince readers
  • 5-year Income, Cash Flow, and Balance Statements
  • One-Screen-Assumptions-Page for intuitive modeling
  • 3 monthly subscriptions and 3 one-time fees
  • Professional plan to convince investors and financiers
  • Important key performance indicators like MRR, CAC, ULTV, COGS, EBITDA, Churn, and much more.
  • Protected Formula Cells
  • No macros were used, so no problems from this side
  • You can edit and change the whole model
  • Multiple Charts
  • Easy-to-use
  • Save valuable time and create your plan in 2 hours
  • Intuitive Modelling Experience
  • Perfect for Beginners and Pros
  • Built 2022 by Peter Graf,
  • Download now for $ 118

Price Note

The current price of this starter pack is an introductory offer and I plan to raise the price in the future. If you want to secure this price, get it now!

I want this!

1 Excel file + 1 Power Point file

Intuitive Modelling
Proven Pitch Formula
5Y income, cash flow and balance

Digital Marketing Consultant Business Plan Template Pack

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I want this!